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Want a Killer Social Media Strategy? Our road map is here!

Finding Success on Social Media With increasingly complex (and changing) algorithms, cookies and AI integrations, new platforms, new trends, new Tik Tok challenges, new Instagram lives and increasingly over saturated Facebook adverts its easy to feel overwhelmed in the social media world.

And that anxiety you’re feeling - does it sound a little like - What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? Why are you not seeing the results you used to see a year ago, a month ago, a week ago? How can you find success in all this noise?!

Now what I’m about to say may shock you, may even annoy you but it is a fact that if

you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

What do we mean by this? - You can’t do it all, you can’t keep on top of every trend, you can’t reach every demographic, you can’t convert every viewer into a client. You won’t win the popularity contest and the reality is, that post you spent three hours on won’t go viral.

So what can you do? What works? How can you find success in the noise?


We cannot repeat this enough times. There are an estimated seven billion people in the world, research has estimated that 58.4% of us use social media in one capacity or another, with an average of two hours daily usage per person.

So let's talk the real talk - your post won’t reach the estimated 4.4 billion users in the world and the fact is you would want to (can you just imagine the pressure? The comments!!!).

What you do want to do is reach the type of audience that would be interested in you, your service, your product, your goods. Now doing that isn’t easy but it’s a lot easier that trying to reach everyone, all the time, don’t you think.

Our advice...? Find the type of clients you wish to engage, who are they, what age are they, what are their interests?

Tailor your content and engagement to target the above audience.

Join groups where these like minded individuals are likely to inhabit i.e. Your Product - yoga activewear. Your Target Audience - yogis, meditation enthusiasts, holistic partitioners. Their Digital Space - Facebook/Instagram Yoga Groups, Yoga Classes and Retreat Centres, Clean and Health Eating Groups, etc etc.

Ensure your content is consistent and sending a clear message.

Remember to pin down the value of your product.

Once you engage with your audience - create an ‘inbound’ strategy, sign them up to your newsletter, provide exclusive deals to your VIP clients, provide free tutorial classes, meditations, organise workshops, send them quotes, books, recipes, equipment they would find useful.

In essence, build a connection with your audience, create a bond where they can refer to you, depend on you for all their yoga related needs.

And that’s the bottom line isn’t it, beyond all the Digital aspects, in spite of algorithms, platforms, changes to trends, etc etc, the best way to find success in the market, is the same way it's always been, by building relationships with your clients.


Let us know in the comments how you are connecting with your clients.

Catch you soon!

The Sketch Sisters x


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