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Transitioning from Strategy to Action

Oh bravo, you did it. You made it through the research, the homework and you've mapped out your goals! (If you have no idea what we're talking about please see our previous blog on 'Creating a Social Media Content Strategy for 2022').

Now the question turns into - 'what now?'.

Much like any other project, you need to put your plan into practice. In order for it to be successful your strategy should create new habits in your business and help you stay on track from beginning to end. The hard part? Turning a concept into reality.

Below are a few tips on how we'd do it:

1. Divide the content you wish to distribute into 'Content Pillars'.

You won't be able to do it all, so don't try to.

Instead focus on 3 - 5 topics you really wish to emphasise within your business and focus on those.

Whether these revolve around your audience, your products or your services, focus and excel. Become the expert in that area.

2. Next, narrow down your platforms and methods of communication based on your target audience and the best way to engage with them:

- Instagram

- Facebook

- Pintrest

- TikTok

- Twitter

- Linkedin

- Newsletters

- Blogs

It is incredibly important to focus on your strengths when identifying which platforms would best suit you and your business. There is no point posting on TikTok for example if your audience isn't there. Likewise don't push for newsletters or blogs if writing is not your strongest channel. You must find the happy medium between 'what the audience wants' and 'what am I able to do'. Remember you can always start with one and begin to grow into other platforms as your business does.

3. Next, work on content creation and schedule your posts.

You can use a social media management tool to help you with this process; however, our personal recommendation is to have a dedicated notebook for the year. In it you'll have columns for the month, week and day of the week. On these pages jot down your post for the day in question - then cross it off as you go. Brainstorm ideas as you go and try something new every once in a while! After doing this for a few months (at least) you will see what works for your audience and what doesn't.

4. At this point remember 'work smarter not harder'. Reuse your material in various ways - use text from your social media content as part of a blog, use images you've created across multiple platforms, ensure that your work is stretched as much as possible!

5. Lastly, keep track of what works and what doesn't work for you and your customers. Remember those metrics we spoke about last time? This is when they become important!

Having your strategy in place is important but allow enough flexibility within your plan to adapt to changes as you go. Remember the way companies communicate with their customers is a topic that has been discussed for years but the evolution of technology has seen a huge change in the way businesses communicate with their consumers. We must be a part of that change!

All the best,

The Sketch Sisters x


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