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Creating a Social Media Content Strategy

You may not be aware, but a social media content strategy is mapping out everything you intend to do with your social media over a set period of time. We know, shocking! But seriously, it's a lot easier said than done, so many variables to keep in mind and include. To help you out, we've broken down the five steps to consider when planning out your strategy for 2022.

Firstly, What is the Goal of your Social Media Strategy?

Funnily enough, if you don't ask the right questions you won't be able to follow through into a set of clear defined goals. Without a clear goal your strategy will become meaningless. For example, when you make social media content that targets an audience you want to gain trust from, the goal is to build that trust so in the future you can try and sell to this audience. Another goal may be to increase revenue, while another may be to increase followers on a particular platform in order to build your community. Clearly defining your goal will give you a great starting point for your content strategy.

Secondly, it's Important to Ensure your Goals are Realistic.

It'd be nice to write 'ensure a following of one million people by winter 2022' but if you're being honest with yourself, can you even imagine reaching that number? Setting realistic targets and building on them as the year progresses ensures consistent and sustainable growth throughout the year.

Keep in mind that your target market will have a specific audience base already developed. Do your research, find out what your competitors are already doing, what are they doing well? What could they (and by association you) be doing better to increase engagement? Customise your goals and your strategy based on your homework.

Thirdly, Keep Things Simple.

There's no point in creating an incredibly intricate strategy plan that no one can follow.....including you! Break down your plan into manageable targets, write each stage down in the simplest way you can, make things easy to understand, and easy for you to remember four months down the line!

Fourth, Be Consistent!!

Take into account how consistent your content will be over the year and how often you'll post on each platform. Some platforms, like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest may require regular updates while others may not. Again, take a look at your target market and determine what they want from you. If they want regularly updated social media then make sure this is reflected in your goals for 2022, then ensure you comply with these goals by creating great content consistently over time.

Lastly, Mapping your KPIs.

How will you measure the effectiveness of the strategy?

There are several metrics that will help you:

- Reach - How many unique visitors saw your social content.

- Clicks - How many people saw the content and clicked through.

- Engagement - How many people saw your content and interacted with it by liking, sharing or commenting.

The following steps are a guideline, take our advice or don't, we won't get offended we assure you. But just so you know, no home or structure in the world has been made without blueprints mapped out first! Don't let your strategy collapse before you've even begun. Do the work now, reap the benefits later.

Kindest regards,

The Sketch Sisters x


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